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Sweet Honey


Sweet Honey

Mouthwatering, yummy honey!  This box is perfect as a housewarming gift, or really just an any day gift.

Adirondack cutting board
Designed especially for my small gift boxes, these gorgeous maple boards are great both for personal use and for display.  Bolton Landing, New York, USA.

Bee's Wrap sandwhich wrap
Made of beeswax and organic cotton, this sustainable food wrap is a must-have.  Just fold in corners and wrap string around the wooden bee button.  It can also be used as a place mat. Wrap is reusable; just wash in cool water.  Bristol, Vermont, USA.

Kimball Prints flour sack towel
This honeybee design print started out as a beautiful watercolor, and then is individually silk-screened onto a flour sack towel.  Exceptionally quick drying and very practical gift.  Austin, Texas, USA.

Queen Farina raw and creamed honey
Raw and creamed honey are stored in these great little 2 oz. glass jars.  Made by the sweet honeybees in Utah, you are gonna love these!  Smithfield, Utah, USA.


Reusable small wooden farmhouse crate, with white hand-painted lid.
Dried floral for finishing touch, and neutral botanical card.

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