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Christy Habecker, Owner

Hi and welcome to Farmhouse Crates!  I have called Austin home since the 70's (yes when it was still a small hip town!), and am a proud 5th generation native Texan.  I love it here and have had a career working for The University of Texas in the HR field, with an emphasis on recruiting and working with new employees/students.  This has suited my personality perfectly as I really enjoy helping people.  Along the way I have also pursued my creative interests, which are many, and in fact I still do sewing of home goods. 

The unique perspective I bring to this business allows me to understand the needs of makers, being one myself, and I work directly with them to bring you the curated goods you will find in my artisan gift boxes.  Chosen products are beautiful, functional, hand-selected goods from small makers all across the US, with a few from Canada and overseas.  Many of these makers I have admired for years, and am so proud to now be able to showcase some of their goods and to promote their success.

Our rustic boxes have a lovely farmhouse ethic, with an emphasis on simple, meaningful design.  I believe that a thoughtful gift should not only be beautiful, but should be usable - providing a sweet memory of the gift giver with each use.  We offer a nice selection of pre-designed boxes via this website, and are also very happy to work with customers to create unique, one-of-a-kind curated gift boxes that family, friends, and clients will love to receive!