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Slow Crow - Card Designer

I am delighted to present the goods of each and every small maker represented in my gift boxes.   Being a small maker myself, I understand the effort that goes into each and every one of the products that these independent businesses produce.  Small makers are intimately vested in their goods, and the results of these investments of time, money, materials, and exquisite craftsmanship show through in the products presented in each gift box.  They are also very involved with their local communities; each gift box purchase helps to support several local economies.  Without these small makers I would not be able to provide the artisan goods in my Farmhouse Crates!  So enjoy your visit, and thank you so much for your support of small shops.



Adirondack Kitchen - Cutting boards.  Bolton Landing, New York, USA.

Annie B's - Popcorn and caramels.  Mahtomedi, Minnesota, USA.

The Bearded Feller - Men's grooming products, Little Rock, Arkansas, USA.

Bee's Wrap - Sandwhich wraps. Bristol, Vermont, USA.

Bexleyslc - Wooden signs.  Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

Birch Creek Studio - Pillows, canvas bins, tea towels, & magnets.  Austin, Texas, USA.

Birch Rose Co - Men's Grooming Products, Lip Balms.  Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA.

Buldano - Turkish towels.  Maryland, USA.

BuntingsnMore - Knit baskets.  Central Oregon, USA.

Casa Beads - Wooden beads.  Plano, Texas, USA.

Chalk Full of Love - Calligraphy products.  Austin, Texas, USA.

Cotton & Flax - Coasters, keyrings.  San Diego, California, USA.

Fanciful Wish - Jewelry.  Ewa Beach, Hawaii, USA.

Fiddle and Fern - Bath salts.  Sammamish, Washington, USA.

Flying Bird Botanicals - Equisite teas.  Bellingham, Washington, USA.

Hardware Homeware Designs - Home products & accessories.  Round Rock, Texas, USA.

Little Flowers Soap Co - Apothecary.   Chelsea, Michigan, USA.

Lola Jane Naturals - Apothecary, baby balm.  San Diego, California, USA.

Lone Woods - Men's Grooming.  Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada.

Manzanita Kids - Wooden rattles, child toys. Seattle, Washington, USA.

Methodical Coffee - Coffee.  Greenville, South Carolina, USA.

Modern Burlap - Baby muslin wraps.  Bellville, Texas, USA.

MudLove - Clay bracelets.  Warsaw, Indiana, USA.

Mudpuppy Ceramic Studio - Ceramics, air plant hangers.  Denver, Colorado, USA

My Mercantile Shop - Boho goods.  Blaine, Washington, USA.

Old Factory Soap - Soap and Apothecary.  Blanco, Texas, USA.

Organic Quilt Company - Baby knit hats.  Hudson, Quebec, Canada.

Peg & Awl - Waxed canvas lunch sacks.  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

Pi'lo - Linen home goods.  Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Queen Farina - Honey, flavored lip balms and hand balms.  Smithfield, Utah, USA.

Rolling Woods - Decorated rolling pins.  Warsaw, Poland.

Sivani Designs - Men's dopp kits.  Austin, Texas, USA.

Simply Curated
- Candles.  Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.

Slow Crow - Greeting Cards.  Madison, Alabama, USA.

Split Woodworks - Home decor.  Greenville, South Carolina, USA.

Sugarfina - Candies/treats. Los Angeles, California, USA.

SweetNSwag - Baby moccasins.  Lehi, Utah, USA.

The Paris Print Shop - Paris prints.  Glen Ridge, New Jersey, USA.

Theis Raiford - Apothecary and concoctions.  Austin, Texas, USA.

Thread Wallets - Wallets.  Bluffdale, Utah, USA.

Z and Company - Candles, bath salts, bath oils, & house sprays.   Texas, USA.